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Current Status

Denomination Goshono Gakuin Senior High School
Address Goshono Jizoden 4-1-1, Akita City, Akita, Japan (Postal Code: 010-1413)
Number of
the students

161 students, with 2 classes per grade (66 male and 95 female students)

Teaching corps 25 teachers (Japanese 3, Geography & History / Civics 3, Mathematics / Information Studies 4, Science 4, Health & Physical Education 2, Art 3, English 4, Home-Making 1, Nurse Teacher 1)
※Principal excluded
Principal Mr.SATOH, Susumu
Vice-Principal Mr.SATOH, Ryuichi

Unique Educational Program

Local Studies Program

This program aims to develop the students’ ability to have broad views for society and the world, and to think of ways to solve problems they find around them. It started as a part of the curriculum of the “Period for Integrated Studies.” Through this program, students are expected to learn globally, express themselves, and take actions on their own in our home Akita as their base of learning.

In Junior High School

“Search for the Self Program” aims to encourage students to find a better way to live, enrich their personality, and keep learning for the achievement of self-realization. They learn both the good aspects and problems about such themes as “natural environment in Akita” and “culture, tradition, and industry in Akita” through their experiences. They make presentations about the present situation in Akita and possible solutions based on their research.

In Senior High School

Through the “Basic Program” in the first year, students gain a broad knowledge about our home Akita regarding history, nature, economy, medical and welfare services by professional lecturers. In the second year, they choose a course from “Global Society and Akita”, “Revitalization of Local Community and Economy”, “Health and Nursing”, “Environment and Human”, “Food Culture of Akita”, and “Culture and History of Akita”. They learn more specifically in their chosen field through lectures by professionals and self-experience such as field work. With deeper research and understanding, they decide on their own research topic, and propose a solution in the form of presentations. In the final year, students choose their own themes according to their future careers, and write a research paper.